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Luca Nocerino

Sculptures, Plastic arts, Jewelry.

Luca Nocerino, artist and sculptor.

Luca designs his own sculptures and then casts them in bronze, aluminum and silver, also experimenting with innovative systems and plastic materials. Since 2003 Luca has displayed his work at numerous exhibitions and has achieved many awards and collaborations to his credit.


Luca Nocerino, is well known in the field of contemporary art for his sculptures and designs. His work shows his strong passion for the arts, realising their value and elegance; Luca has achieved several artistic partnerships for his work and recently had his work displayed in a film made for cinema.


Luca attended l'Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples and graduated in sculpture with 110, he wrote his thesis on “ La scultura e la fonderia artistica"  which was highly praised by the Chair, Prof. Ciriaco Campus.

Since 2009/2010 he has been experienced enough to sculpt his work in Plastic.

The objet d’art is born from an idea. The letters of a book become seeds of immortality, while words becomes bud which are able to become vigorous trees with antopomorphic branches. The circle is closing in an infinite process of discovery, where we discover what we already have within us. The reading, the education becomes an active process of creating. Without this difficult and unpredictable process the man finds himself into a state of stagnation, of death and the only force of imagination can open this mind and make new ideas blossom while his wings which were too weak to fly becomes such vigorous that will not be any height out of theirs reach.

Bronze sculpture, investment casting, h 58.